AT+i Configuration Wizard

This is a configuration wizard for ConnectOne products. Please refer to complete
AT+i Pogrammer's Manual for more advanced configuration options

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Host interface settings

Automatic host interface detection. In this mode, the first character sent from the host over one of the supported interfaces sets the host interface to be used throughout that session until the next iChip power cycle.
BDRF    BDRD    B.Rate: Automatic
Please refer to Appendix D: SPI Host Interface in the complete AT+I Programmers Manual for implementation details.
Full-Speed USB at 12Mbps
identifies itself as a CDC device

Operation Mode


Router mode is used to provide a gateway to a multitude of LAN or WiFi devices through a single dialup or cellular link. In this configuration, iChip's DHCP server may be used to assign IP addresses to the local hosts on the LAN/WiFi side."

Switch mode merges LAN side station(s) with WiFi side client(s) into one Local Area Network.

Managed network device mode assumes that a host CPU (usually microcontroller) will send AT+I commands to use sockets, send emails, etc. This wizard is still usefull for initial networking related configuration."

Networking settings

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